Together with the cincture and the now mostly defunct maniple, the stole symbolizes the bonds and fetters with which Jesus was bound during his Passion, it is usually ornamented with a cross. Another version is that the stole denotes the duty to spread the Word of God.

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  • White/Ecru Stoles

    Light, Innocence, Purity, Joy, Triumph, Glory

    White, it is a festive, joyful colour, is used during the Christmas and Easter seasons, and on major feast days, such as, on the celebrations of the Lord other than of his Passion, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of the Holy Angels, and of Saints who were not martyrs, and on the Solemnities of All Saints. Because white symbolises the Resurrection, it is also the colour often used for funerals.

  • Green Stoles

    The Holy Ghost, Life eternal, Hope

    Green is a sign of life in nature and as such it represents growth, and hope in life eternal. Green is the colour worn most often during Masses on Sundays in Ordinary Time. It symbolises the graces that draw people into the life of God. 

  • Red Stoles

    The Passion, Blood, Fire, Martyrdom, God's Love

    Red symbolises fire and blood. It is the colour that is used on Passion (Palm) Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, and for celebrations of the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is also the colour that has traditionally been associated with martyrs – it is worn on the feast days of martyrs - those who have shed their blood for their faith.

  • Purple Stoles

    Penance, Humility, Melancholy

    Violet or purple chasuble fitting to be worn for the Mass when the note of joy at the remembrance of Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem is tempered by the reading of the Passion. Purple is normally Advent's liturgical colour, associated both with the sovereignty of Christ and with penitence.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items