Chalice Linen's

All elements of the sets are made of durable and extremely high quality materials and finely decorated with beautiful and aesthetic embroidery.

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  • Chalice Linen Sets

    Chalice Linen Sets are made of 100% LINEN  or high-quality polyester man-made fibres. Each Chalice Linen set contains corporal, purificator, towel and pall. Man-made fibre Pall is finished with a practical corner which one prevent soiling during use and linen sets are finished with cotton lace. Purificator and Towel  are made of a cotton fabric. Manually checked and hand-packed, our Chalice Linen sets meet the highest standards.  They stay in wa good condition for a long time. Easy to wash and iron.

  • Chalice Veils

    Haftina's embroidered Chalice Veils comes in sets of four liturgical colours White, Red, Purple and Green. Chalice veils are used to cover all of the elements during the liturgy. Communion veils are removed before consecration.

  • Ciborium Veils

    Offered ba Haftina beautifully embroidered Ciborium Veils are available in three types: cross shaped, round and round with triangular tear. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items