About us

Church Atelier by AJ Ornaments is a family business with locations in Canada. 

We proudly provide Churches with premium quality products.    

In our selection, you can find a wide range of high-quality products such as: embroidered Vestments, Chalice Linens, Altar Tablecloths,

Stoles, Albs, Clergy Shirts and Altar Bread and many more.

All of our products are manufactured in Poland by Haftina Textile Group, Black&Purple Shirts and Charistia Bakery.  

Our address:

AJ Ornaments Inc.

H-221 Barton Street
Stoney Creek ON, L8E 2K3

Phone: +1 905 930 7106

Toll Free +1 833 214 8719

Email: info@churchatelier.com